Meister am Werk

The jury

Jörg Harjes

For more than 10 years, I've been responsible at HELLA for worldwide marketing in the free parts trade and/or IAM. During this time, I had the honor to visit many countries and workshop clients: a job -- a passion -- but quite different challenges among the way. I am looking forward to great insights into workshop life across the globe!

Livio Mastrocola

I am 40 years old and have been working at company Hella Gutmann Solutions since April 2000. After my training as car mechanic at a BMW car dealer, Gutmann Messtechnik hired me in the year 2000 as BMW specialist so that I can assist and advise our customers with all their questions at the Technik Center while facilitating repair and troubleshooting thanks to my diagnostics know-how. I've now been head of this division since 2006. The work with our customers and the workshops continues to give me great pleasure. I am excited to view the submissions to the HELLA 2019 calendar. It will become a photo campaign of a very special kind!

Rafael Neff

As internationally renowned photographer, I know very well what real craftsmanship means and I therefore value every "Master at Work" -- no matter the field. After my initial training as jet engine technician, I decided to catch up on my Abitur where I had the pleasure to get to know one of those masters that convinced me to study photography. Since 2001, I've now been independent photographer and passionate about it. After I shot for ABT, Audi, VW and John Deere for many years, I was offered the 2016 Automechanika calendar project and its complete redesign. A huge challenge for me. Delving into the free parts trade -- creating imaginative photo worlds with thousands of technology components. The fact that I may now accompany HELLA's "Masters at Work" calendar project is a great next step for me! Now I personally get to know the people who assemble these complex parts to one coherent whole.